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Sketch to to the big day



After team brainstorming, in which we consider everything: the type of furnishings, table linens, commemorative plates, gifts for the guests and the thousands of details that will make the difference…we carry out the overall design and always add a surprise touch or gift (but… shhh!… the parties never know what it is and we keep it a secret until the Big Day).


The production of the event involves a wide variety of materials including blown glass, clay, crystal, hand-embroidered fabrics and many more details to suit and highlight the chosen decorative style.


Nor do we forget the settings and staging for the photos, which are always original.

In order to have all the details perfectly executed, we take care of all the necessary plans such as: connections, circulation, furnishings, service areas, lighting, guest placement, table numbers or names and their distribution.


A timetable for our suppliers, another one for the spouses and a general project timetable help us keep delivery times under control, both in the preparations and at the time of the wedding.


But often, the couple cannot wait to see how the decor, the tables and the location will look like. This is why we pre-visualize the space and the ephemeral architecture of the event through computer-generated images: these are the renderings. We want the couple to have the most accurate picture possible of the setting where their long-awaited day will unfold.

This is the moment when the team develops each small area of the event FROM THE SMALLEST DETAILS TO THE BIG PICTURE, whether it be the table linens and centerpieces (designed especially for them or brought from remote locations), the menu and the furnishings.


When everything is pre-approved, we prepare the proofs and show them to the parties, in person or via Skype, so that they know in advance how everything will look on the day of their wedding.


In addition, our interaction with the parties solicits our complicity in the presentation secret reciprocal gifts for the couple on their wedding day. Creating more excitement, suspense and anticipation for the day!

Starting on the day before the wedding, we have a large number of people taking care of every detail of the installations. The timetables serve their function and ensure that all the experts in their fields have the production 100% ready.


We are by the side of the parties at their civil ceremony and, why not?, we get to appear in the photographs, always ready to offer suggestions as a result of the experience we have gained throughout our trajectory.


On that Big Day, I, Iris, shall be present to oversee every detail and with a surprise gift. You, as well as your wedding parties and families, will no doubt feel anxious. It will be important for you to feel relaxed and at ease.


We shall ensure that the dinner, the music and the staff perform to the best of their abilities and we shall be attentive to all the needs of the couple and guests so that they will only need concern themselves with enjoying this great life event, free from any worries or stress.

Throughout this beautiful process, we become your friends rather than just suppliers (and at times, therapists).


I love watching the couple’s expression when they first see each other on that special day. Nothing matches the feeling of seeing them walking in at the ceremony and sensing the great happiness emanating from their pores.


We can only be thankful to them for letting us be part of their lives on such an important day. A day that they shall remember for the rest of their lives.


At Iris Design, we do all this because we love what we do: making couples happy on the most important day of their lives.