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Taya y Adam

Iris!!! My sincerest apologies for the delayed response. Adam and  are heading off on a year long world tour for our honeymoon and it was simply crazy after wedding. Iris, you made my wedding dreams come true.  Thank you!  I absolutely LOVED the chuppah and the twigs with flowers down the aisle. The rose petal colors were perfect.  And I loved how you blocked off the aisle with twigs and flowers.  The whole thing was stunning.  To walk into Blanca Blue and see that you had understood my vision was a wedding gift in and of itself.  The centerpieces were the talk of the reception.  I also loved the bride/groom table. I would love to leave a review for you either on your website or on Yelp or whichever site you prefer.  Just let me know. We will be on  aboat to Antarctica beginning tomorrow until March 10th.  If I don't hear from you before we leave, I will touch base with you upon your return.  Also, I know you took photos of your own but if we have any from our professional photographer that you might be able to use, I will be happy to send those to you as well. Thank you for your professionalism.  It was truly a pleasure to work with you.